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This just in: Canadian Press

As a lead up to Father’s Day, Canadian Press wrote a great story about Del and his father. 

For Boyd Barber, work was never about anything as fanciful or intangible as pursuing a dream.

In fact, it was the dreams that chased him. Vivid nightmares that have haunted him since 1969, when he was one of the Canadian Navy members onboard the HMCS Kootenay when a gearbox exploded, killing nine crew members and injuring at least 53 others.

For 40 years afterward, Barber worked as a millwright. He spent most of those four decades toiling in the depths of Manitoba mines, but his was a jack-of-all-trades position that required him to nurture a general aptitude for all sorts of body-burdening tasks: welding, electrical work, installation of industrial machinery.

It’s the sort of stuff often referred to as good, honest work, but Barber hated it. So he was glad his son, Del, developed a talent for music and opted to follow a different path than his dad.

But he never expected to follow in his son’s fresh footsteps. These things are supposed to work the other way around.

Head to Winnipeg Free Press to read the rest of the story.

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